My Awards - Add outcomes

Add outcomes to an award

Step 1:

Click on the name of the award to which you wish to add outcomes.


If you wish to add outcomes to more than one award, start the process from any award and at the end, select all the awards this outcome should be attributed to.

Step 2:

On the award details page, select which outcome you wish to add from the list on the left, by clicking over the outcome type name.

Step 3:

On the outcome listing page, click on the ‘Add new entry’ button to add a new entry for the outcome type you selected.

You can find information on what to include and not include under each outcome section by clicking on the 'what should I report in this section?' bar.

Recycle Bin

You can send outputs to the recycle bin by selecting both the award and portfolio toggle to ‘No’ and it will be greyed out and cleared from the output list. If you need to access this output again, you can use the filtering options at the top of the page to filter by ‘ in recycle bin’. You will then have the option to re-insert the output to your portfolio or award by selecting the chosen toggle on the right again.