Personal Portfolio

Personal Portfolio

The Personal Portfolio area provides a repository of all outcomes that you have added yourself and / or added from awards for which you were given permission to use.

The ‘outcomes’ listing layout is very similar to that on the ‘My Awards’ area.

Profile Page

The profile page provides an overview of your own personal portfolio.

The left-hand side column shows a list of common outcomes categories and how many entries you have for each, on your personal portfolio. At the bottom of this column you can see a few extra sections pertaining your personal history, which can be used to help you build a CV.

The middle column shows your personal details as per provided in the My Account area and a link to your ORCID account. It also provides a button for downloading your portfolio.

On the right-hand side column you can see how many total outcomes you have on your portfolio and also if any of those outcomes are not attributed to any award.