My Awards - Additional questions

Additional questions

Some of your awards may include ‘Additional Questions’ set by your Funder. Unlike the ‘Common Outcomes’, these questions are mandatory and will require some level of data entry.

‘Additional Questions’ are completed in the same way as ‘Common Outcomes’. Whilst only certain aspects of the Common Outcomes are considered mandatory (denoted by a *), all Additional Questions are mandatory and will need to be completed before a submission can be completed.

Not all Awards will have funder specific Additional Questions so if you do not see any listed that means your funder hasn't set any Additional Questions.

To complete the Additional Questions, simply click on each one and complete the required fields.

If you have any questions regarding Additional Questions, it is always best to ask your funder directly as not only will they have a more direct answer for you but they will also be able to inform you of any procedures they would like you to follow if you are unable to complete a particular section.

Once you have all the fields completed to the best of your ability, click save. This will save your entry and make it available to your funder.

Each Additional Question will be identified by a red box by default. Once a question is completed, the box will turn green.